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Welcome to The Electronic Kop

Welcome to Electronic Kop, this site is a collection of lyrics written by life long Leeds fan and koppite known on forums as  Laughing Leeds Fan.

He has been writing songs about his love of Leeds United for years now and had we of got to the Champions League final would have even had a record released for the occasion and now with this new web site Leeds fans all over the world can access and enjoy his songs.

Please browse the songs below at your leisure, we hope you enjoy them.

Please note the midi file arrangements  are not the property of this site, some we have permission to use, others, pemission is being sought [Barry Taylor] if you own any of the arrangements and want them removing please let me know.

Any Leeds fans who could produce midis to fit the words please contact Laughing Leeds Fan on the WACCOE [www.waccoe.com]

This site does not generate profit, hotlinking is forbidden.

Many thanks to Adam [Shields] and Simon Greaves for building and maintaining this site.

Thank You.


Note; Click the link below to download Van Basco karaoke player. This will enable the midi files to open in karaoke format.




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